It is time for the big summer holiday! If you are flying with kids, you might be worried about arriving in one piece. What if they act up or spend the whole flight screaming? What if they never stop yelling or crying? We could say ignore the people who will sigh and complain about whatever mischief they are up to, but we know it is not easy.

Here are our top four tips for travelling with toddlers:

Always pack extra

It is always important to pack some spare clothes for them and for you. That way, if there are delays or you are in a plane that is stuck on the runway for a long time, you will not be panicking or spending a whole flight smelling less than fresh. You almost certainly will not need it but it will make you feel much more relaxed. That will, in turn, make flights a more exciting adventure and not a potential nightmare scenario.

Be prepared for UFOs

Unidentifiable filthy objects may find their way onto a toddler or a kid. It is important to guard against probes and germs by always having sanitising wipes within easy reach.

Mother and daughter traveling. Photo Emirates

Make regular toilet stops

Make sure your kids go to the toilet immediately before getting on the plane, boat or train. Do not give them too many fluids either or they will be up and down to the toilet all the way to your destination.

Arm yourself with snacks

A hungry child will definitely let you know when they are hungry and will not want any excuses. For the ones on solid or grownup food, make sure you pack plenty of snacks. So, until the in-flight meal is served, fend them off with snacks rather than have them disturb you the entire time you are on the journey.

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