Children have soft, pliable skin which makes their skin prone to absorbing environmental pollutants and the ravages of sun and wind. Protecting their tender skin is very important for their health and to guarantee that they will grow up with great skin.

Use gentle products

Children need a gentle hand in everything, including their skincare routine. Use a soft sponge for bathing and a mild toilet soap like Johnson’s or Cussons soap to get rid of those pesky germs.

Use mild moisturisers, especially products like Johnson’s baby oil, that contain olive oil and shea butter. Heavy-handed products will strip their delicate skin of beneficial microorganisms that help them to develop immunity and resistance to infections. It can also scar or burn their tender skin.

Johnson’s Baby Products. Photo: You, Baby and I

Balanced diet

Children who are properly nourished glow with health. They need balanced meals to feed their rapidly growing and regenerating cells. Make sure they eat fish, green vegetables, iron, calcium and other essential nutrients to feed their outsides from the inside. Resist the urge to let them eat junk food. They may not like to eat all their veggies, but mummy and daddy know best after all.

Eat healthy. Photo: Health Zone


The eight to 10 hours of sleep mandated for children is necessary. Encourage them to take naps in the middle of the day and get a full night’s sleep. Rested skin is beautiful skin and proper rest helps revitalise and regenerate cells.

Sleeping Child. Photo: Xibaaru

Play outside

Children need to play outside because the sun is the surest way of imbibing vitamin D for strong bones, teeth, motor development and immune function. Children who are not exposed to the sun have pale, unhealthy skin.

Of course, monitor sun exposure and never allow it without applying sunscreen all over the child’s skin. Also, make sure they do not stay out all day. This is to prevent their skin from drying out and also to curtail all the mischief children left to their own devices can get up to.

Portrait of smiling family. Photo: Black history Month

Say no to perfume!

Children have an uncanny ability to attract dirt and grime and this can get frustrating. Don’t try to fix the smell by bathing them in perfume. The harsh contents of these perfumes are easily absorbed into the porous, sensitive skin of the kids and can cause an allergic reaction.

Instead of using perfumes, bathe with a mild soap. Clothes can be scented naturally using lavender or vanilla essential oil diluted in water and sprayed on their clothes, or, by putting sprigs of dry mint and lavender leaves into their storage boxes and wardrobes. Your kid will smell delicious without all the chemicals!

Children raised with good habits incorporate them into their character as they grow up.

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