Find the Best Indoor Activities for Kids Near Me

The weather outside can make the prospect of entertaining the kids daunting. And the thoughts of another weekend cooped up inside with complaints doesn’t inspire many of us with glee.

Here are  suggestions for answering the cry for indoor activities for kids near you.

Indoor Activities for Kids Near Me – What Can We Do?

• Aquariums: Keep the fish wet and the family dry by heading in to the underwater world of one of our many aquariums. There are too many to list, but every region of the country has at least one.

 Museums and Exhibitions: There’s plenty to learn and discover in any of the plethora of museums the country has to offer.  Pique their curiosity without breaking the bank by choosing to visit one of the nation’s  museums.

• Cinemas: Sometimes nothing beats a trip to the movies. Grab some popcorn and head to your local cinema. Check out if they have cheaper showings for kids. These are often earlier in the morning, not quite the newest releases, but just the same cinema experience anyway.

• Soft Play: It may not be your favourite spot as a parent but it’ll be sure to burn off some of that energy that’s frazzling your nerves. Grab a coffee and let the monkeys run wild whilst you look on. You can be sure there’s at least one near you.

• Trampoline Parks: The latest craze, you can be sure that there will be a trampoline park springing up near you if it hasn’t already. Excellent for getting the kids worn out, they’ll enjoy bouncing and bounding around a huge area. If you’ve got particularly little ones you may discover toddler hours on weekday mornings in term time when the smallest bouncers can bounce safely away from the big kids.

• Bowling: Don’t forget that traditional family favourite of bowling! Even the smallest family members can have a go by using a ball ramp. Even better, not many alleys insist you wear the delightful red-blue shoes anymore.

• Theatre: In the last decade the number of theatre shows designed specifically for kids and families has exploded. Check out your local theatre to see what they are showing, and get your kids mesmerised by a show away from their screens.

• Science Centres: If you’ve got kids with inquisitive minds and hands that love to fiddle and experiment, then you need to take them to your nearest science centre. Not always that well publicised, there are some excellent science centres around the country where your kids can have indoor hands-on fun.

• Climbing Centres: If they are climbing the walls at home, get them out and let them do it for real. Along with trampoline parks, climbing centres where you can pay and play are growing in number around the country.

• Swimming: And of course, there’s always swimming. If you’re going to get wet in the winter weather, at least do it properly! Kids love being able to swim as a family, so pack up your towels and head to your local pool.

Don’t let the cold and wet weather ruin your family fun. Get out, but do so indoors, where everyone can enjoy something different away from the four walls of home.

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