Your baby or toddler is between 9 months and 3 years old?

Then he’s ready to start banging on the keyboard with these free online computer games for babies and toddlers! These children’s games work on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Things will happen. The kiddies on the screen will talk to him. He might point at them and talk back with a few “Ooh, oohs”. If he sees you moving the mouse, then he’ll want to do that too. Show him how to click the button.

Cuddle him in your arms while he is in front of these games. Share these games with him the way you would share a picture book – a talking, moving, reacting picture book!

But do try to discourage him from banging the mouse, or from putting it in his mouth!

We recommend that you maximize the browser window, to minimize the chances of him clicking somewhere other than in the game.


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